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The Ultimate Guide to Larceny and Theft Bail Bonds

The crime rate in Connecticut has fallen in the last decade — but it hasn’t completely disappeared. 
Perhaps you’re facing a criminal charge, or you’re helping a loved one who has gotten into trouble. It doesn’t matter if you’ve committed petty theft, fraud, armed robbery, or anything in between. If you can’t afford bail, you will need a bond to get out of jail. 
Larceny and theft bail bonds work just like any other. Here’s what to expect if you use this resource to free yourself or someone else. 

How Do Judges Determine Bail? 

A judge or police department will set the monetary value of your bail. Reaching the financial threshold will get you out of jail until your trial. 
Some crimes come with fixed bail values. Worse crimes will incur a higher-cost bail, as you can imagine. In other cases, though, it will be up to the court or police to decide how much you have to pay to secure your freedom. 
The deciding authority will probably look at your record, as well. If you’ve already committed punishable offenses in the past, then they may increase the cost of your bail. The severity of the current charge will push them toward a high-price bail, too.

What Are Larceny and Theft Bail Bonds? 

All bonds work the same way, and they’re designed to help you if you can’t afford to pay bail out of pocket. 
Whoever calls the bail agent — the defendant, family member, friend, etc. — will pay between 7 and 10 percent of the value of the bail. The agency will cover the rest of the cost with the guarantee that the defendant will show up to court. 
If the defendant skips court, then the judge will probably take the bond money and issue a warrant for their arrest. In some cases, the signee of the bond will have to promise to cover half or the entirety of the value should such a situation arise. You’ll likely have to provide collateral to show you can cover the cost of the bond if the defendant skips town. 
Of course, if the defendant shows up, it’s smooth sailing until the court case ends. The bondsman will get their money back, so long as the accused makes all of their scheduled court appearances. And the person who signed for the bond often pays only the aforementioned fee. 

Find the Bondsman to Help You

Chances are, you’re on this site because you need a guarantor to help you or someone about whom you care. 
Now that you know what to expect from a larceny and theft bail bonds provider, it’s time to find the right bondsman. Use our search tool to find the closest, most reputable professional in your area. 
And be sure to check back with our site for more information on all things bond-related. We’re here to help you navigate what can be a stressful process — you’re not alone in this. 

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