Overcoming Obstacles with a Connecticut Recovery Coach

A shocking 40 to 60 percent of recovering addicts will relapse following rehab. The most successful addicts stay the course when they have the support of a recovery coach.
The recovery process doesn’t end the minute you leave rehab. In fact, that’s when the hard work begins.
Outside the walls of a rehab facility, the responsibility to stay clean falls squarely on your shoulders. While it’s up to you to avoid temptation and make good choices, CT recovery coaches can provide the resources and support you need to succeed.
Want to learn more about how recovery coaches in Connecticut work and where to find one? Take a deep breath and keep reading to find out.

What is a Recovery Coach?

You likely know the role medical doctors and therapists play in the recovery process, but what exactly is a recovery coach and how can they help?
Recovery coaches act as a support system for those struggling with addiction. While their work is often linked with substance abuse, this isn’t always the case. Some people need a CT recovery coach to help battle other addictions including gambling, sex, and other dangerous behaviors.
The main difference between a recovery coach and a doctor or therapist is that they don’t have any medical training. A recovery coach’s role isn’t to provide medical advice or even a diagnosis of your mental health or condition.
Your coach simply facilitates conversation and helps the recovering addict envision a successful future. A recovery coach helps you set goals, increase motivation, and create a plan to remove potential barriers in the recovery process.

Benefits of Using a Recovery Coach

There’s a reason more addicts see success when using a recovery coach than those that don’t.
For starters, there’s a certain negative stigma surrounding AA meetings or seeing a psychiatrist. Many recovering addicts are embarrassed by their situation. That’s why an online recovery coach is a perfect solution.
You can receive discreet, sometimes anonymous, help that’s convenient and doesn’t impose on your privacy or personal life. 
Your recovery coach also holds you accountable for your actions. Having to report to a coach means you’re more likely to follow through on your goals and positive behavior. 
A Connecticut recovery coach can help you transition more smoothly from rehab back to normal life. Recovery coaches also provide additional resources and access to other professionals when the need arises. 
Recovery coaches can also work with friends and family members affected by your addiction.

A Recovery Coach Will Support Your Success

If you’re battling addiction and recently completed a recovery program, you’re ready to re-enter the outside world. Having the right support system in place increases your chances of success.
A recovery coach can provide you the resources you need to lead a productive life and avoid relapse.
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