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How to Get Bail Bonds in Danielson, Connecticut

Your first arrest can be a traumatic experience. What happens after the officer places handcuffs on you? How does booking work? How long are you in jail before you can bail out? 
We answer a lot of questions about the bail process. One frequent concern for those needing bail bonds Danielson services is how to get the cash to bail someone out of jail. Without some way to pay for some or all of the bail amount, your loved one sits in jail until their court date. 
Here’s what you need to know about getting bail bonds serving Danielson.

You Need Cash or Collateral

Bail is an exchange of money for release from jail. In most cases, the court accepts cash or a secured way to pay the bail amount, like a credit or debit card.
However, depending on the offense and the type of bail set by the judge, you might not need the full amount of cash to pay for your loved one’s release from jail. 

Cash Bonds

If the judge requires a cash bond, your loved one can’t get out of jail without full payment of the bail amount. Most bail bond agents do not deal with cash bonds. If the cash amount is significant, it’s too much of a risk for a bail bondsman to take on. If the cash amount is small, it’s not worth their time to handle the transaction. 

Surety Bonds

Most bail agents specialize in surety bonds. Your bail agent acts as the guarantor of the bond. You pay the Danielson CT agent a portion of the bail amount plus a fee. 
In most cases, you pay less upfront to release your friend from jail. However, you won’t get a full refund of everything you paid out when using a bail bond agent. Since the agent becomes responsible if the offender violates the terms of their bail release or fails to show up to court, they keep a portion of the money you paid for providing this service. 

But I Don’t Have Cash!

Choose Danielson bail bondsmen that offer options to help release your loved one from jail. If you don’t have enough cash, there’s no reason for you or your loved one to sit in jail. Find a bail bond company Danielson CT that:

  • Offers an interest-free payment plan with a small upfront payment
  • Accepts property as collateral (a car or home can serve as collateral)
  • Takes credit cards or PayPal

A payment plan helps you pay the required portion of the bail amount and the agent’s fees without putting too much strain on your finances. If you still need to raise some cash, sell a few items from around your house to earn what you need. 

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