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Secure Your Loved One's Release: Top Tips for Choosing a Bail Bondsman in Norwich, CT

Norwich, Connecticut, has a higher crime rate than the national average. It’s safer than a mere 35 percent of U.S. cities.
As such, you may know someone who has been arrested. And they need your help in getting out of jail — they don’t have the cash to post bail. 
Quickly brush up on the top tips for choosing a bail bondsman in Norwich, CT. That way, you can get them out the right way, as soon as possible. 

1. Know Their Bail

You can’t connect with a bail bond agent unless you know the cost of bail for your loved one. 
A judge will determine their bail by considering a handful of different factors. Previous crimes come into play, as does a person’s perceived flight risk. 

2. Seek a Lawyer’s Help

On your own you can go to any bail bond company. Norwich CT lawyers know better, though. They can steer you toward the most reputable local providers.
That’s because lawyers work with Norwich bail bondsmen often. They know who’s the best, and they can help you find the best bondsman with whom to work. Plus, their connections can result in you getting a cheaper rate for your bond.

3. Ask Jail Staffers For Help

Chances are, the officers at your local jail know the best Norwich CT agent to help you, too. So, if you’re on-site, ask them where you can go to get a bond for your loved one. 
These officers have more than one tip to provide. They know how you can appeal to a judge for a lower bail amount. On top of that, they can advise your loved one on how to behave in the courtroom. 

4. Check the Price Before You Agree

Those in search of bail bonds in Norwich, CT, may feel desperate to sign on the dotted line. However, you should make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal. 
Start by asking your bail bondsman for their fee. Most will charge approximately 10 percent of the amount that they have fronted you. Don’t agree to a price much higher than this one, though. 
Additionally, you should be wary of bail bondsmen charging much lower than 10 percent, too. You don’t want to find out the hard way how they’re cutting corners. Instead, choose a reputable service provider to get your loved one out of jail without a hitch. 

5. Read the Reviews (If You Have Time)

Finally, you might be in a rush to find a bail bondsman to free your family member or friend. If you have a few minutes, though, peruse the reviews of potential providers. Others’ experiences can speak volumes. 
Return the favor by sharing your experience once you’ve gotten bail covered. That way, those in your shoes can make an informed decision after reading the reviews, just like you did. 

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